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Born 21/03/2006.

We got to know Sherinah through our open centre days. She frequently came to our centre days and we were prompted to inquire about her life and we discovered that her mother had separated with her father when had made only 2 years.  Sherinah is currently in the care of her step mother who works as a cleaner in Makerere University and her father is a man who doesn’t want to take up responsibility like paying school fees and even taking care of the home so the mother does everything. By the time we met Sherinah, she had not done any of the exams at school due school fees defaulting. She loves eating rice and meat. Her favourite hobby is dancing, her favourite colour is White and she dreams of becoming a Lawyer in future so that she can bring justice to people.


Born on 15th/12/2005.

She was introduced to us by children who always come for centre days. She regularly attends centre days. Through our interactions we discovered that they had moved from their home district Bushenyi in the western part of Uganda because of the misunderstandings in their family. They moved to Kampala to start a living which was not easy for them. Her father is a Motorcycle (boda boda) rider while her mother washes clothes for people around. Her mother takes care of most of the family needs and being with 6 children it’s hard for them to raise school fees for them. Promise loves playing indoor games and favourite colour is white because she loves being peaceful. She dreams of becoming a Lawyer.


Aisha was born on 08/12/2005.

She is from a Muslim family. She is in S.4. she dreams of becoming a midwife because while visiting a hospital in the neighbourhood, she saw a woman loose her 3 kids that she had just gave birth to, due to the negligence of the midwife who never attended to them as it was supposed to be. She lost her father last year due to a boda boda accident which crushed him and died on spot. Her mother had separated with the father when Aisha was young and she got married to another family. She currently stays with a brother who is married and has a big family to take care of and thus cannot even manage to take care of Aisha’s domestic and school needs. She has been attending center days for  years now. She loves reading and taking care of her fellows.


Born on 8/6/2012 in P.2 class.

She is a jolly and active girl during centre days. she loves singing and dancing. She stays with her mother. Her mother is struggling with tuberculosis which she transmitted to the young brother through breastfeeding and they are all currently getting treatment. Due that the father had to separate with the mother. Right now the mother washes and cleans the compounds of the people in the neighbourhood who get them some little food and thus cannot raise school fees for them. Daniela dreams of becoming a doctor in future and treat her mother and the young brother.

KWAGALA SYLVIA, she was born on the 9th/7/2008 and currently in P.7.

we got to know Sylvia from our open centre days. She is a happy girl and loves serving others most especially during devotion. Her mother separated with the father while she was young and left the mother with three children. Her mother is the one left to take care of them and also fix their school needs which is so difficult for her because she doesn’t work. Sylvia dreams of becoming a doctor in future and loves playing netball as well as loves dancing.


BIRTHDAY: 09/10/2014
We came to know Blessing through a friend of project who was a prayer partner with Blessing’s mother. after her husband abandoning them, Blessing’s mother was left with nothing to sustain her family. she could sell charcoal, onions and tomatoes in her neighborhood. Because of the situation, Blessing was not going to school because of lack of school fees. we were able to visit her home and we found the situation needing and we had to register her. Blessing loves singing, dancing and playing dodge ball. she dreams of becoming a doctor in future

BIRTHDAY: 01/09/2007
Winnie and her family was living in Kampala near our project and could always come to our center days. it’s that intrigued us to check on her home and we found out she was not schooling and thus we decided to register her on the program. Her father had got an accident which caused him mental disability. they now shifted and live in Buloba. Winnie loves playing netball, drawing and coloring. she dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can treat her dad and other patients like him.

BIRTHDAY: 12TH/ 11/ 2014
Vivian is such a very active kid; she loves playing with her peers. One day as she had come to play with her friends on a center day, we engaged her on our one to one, she opened up that she was not schooling. We were prompted to conduct a visit to her home, we discovered that her mother had separated with the husband and was struggling with a lot of bills. We thus decided to enroll her on program to help her out. Vivian loves reading and telling stories, playing group games. And dreams of becoming a teacher in future.

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