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Andrew is 7 years and he began school this year. All those years he had spent them without going to school. Her mother is young and has no job to support her family. The father to Andrew impregnated his mother and left her before Andrew was born and disappeared. When schools resumed, Andrew stayed home cause her mother wouldn’t get money to pay andrew’s school fees and even buy food for themselves. Andrew would be moving all around the village collecting scrap to sell and buy something to eat since they could not eat at home or the village people would invite him to eat together. On one of our outreaches to the community, we met Andrew and through our interactions with him we invited him for centre day- mentorship classes and he is now in Kindergarten 4. Andrew is loving, amazing, very intelligent and dreams of becoming a professional
doctor in future.


She is young, active and very passionate about learning. She lost all her parents and was left with only the grand mother who is so old and cannot afford to work. We got to know Shalua by a recommendation from her former school because she had spent 2 years without going to school. Its then that we got to know about her story. Shalua’s dream is to become a lawyer in future.


BORN: 6/9/2008

She is a very clever and humble girl. She lives with her mother  after her father separated with the mother due neglect of responsibility. She was born in Mukono, and they moved to kampala in one of the suburbs Kawaala in search for better life. Her mother has tried out to start a kiosk for groceries but it couldn’t work out due to lack of enough money to sustain it. She now works as a cleaner and helps others to wash clothes. Thus she can not easily sustain their all the needs and can not afford to clear the school bills. She dreams od becoming a mid wife in future to help women in her community to deliver well and safely.




BORN: 26/01/2007

She is the 2nd born of the 4 children in her family. She is currently in Senior Two, and doing well. His family is not doing well financially. Her mother plaits her for ladies in her community, door to door. The little money she gets is always to buy some food for the children, basic needs and paying rent. Victoria loves studying but unfortunately she couldn’t access education because her mother could not manage raising all the school fees for the children.

Victoria dreams of becoming a teacher in future and loves white as her favourite color.

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