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Evlyne is a jolly girl, very active and a leader when with her fellow peers. She loves helping the young children on centre days. Her and the family came from the western part of the country as their parents were searching for jobs. Unfortunately, on their settlement in the city, they didn’t get a job. We got to know more about her through our mentorship on centre days where we discovered that she does not go to school because her parents cannot afford to pay her tuition. She loves playing netball and her favourite color is pink. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer in future.


BIRTHDAY: 23/04/2018

She is young, humble and amazing. She loves making her peers smile  while at the centre day. She is born to a moslem family and her father has three more women with children. By the time we got to know she had spent almost 2 years without going to school. We got to know her more through our centre days where we discovered there is a need to help. Lyton dreams of becoming a Nurse in future and loves white as her favourite color.



Praise is a sister to Nelson. Her father separated with her mother 4 years ago and disappeared from the family. The mother was left alone to provide for the family. She helps in washing clothes for the neighbors in exchange for food and sometimes gets little money to take care of the family needs. Praise is a lovely girl and very friendly. She also has not been attending school consistently due to lack of school fees. The little money the mother gets goes into paying the rent and getting food for the family. She dreams of becoming a pilot in future. He loves playing with her friends and telling stories.



BIRTHDAY: 04/02/2017

Sharifa is a lovely girl and very active on centre day. She is the 3rd of the 5 children of family. Her father left the home going to look for jobs and never came back and the family hasn’t heard from him for so long now thus all the needs were left for her mother to take care of. Because of many bills surrounding her, she had to stop all the children from going to school because she couldn’t manage to pay their school fees. We got to know more about her through centre days. And she dreams of becoming a lawyer in future. Her favourite color is blue



BIRTHDAY: 16/03/2010

She is in P5 a very lively, intelligent and self driven girl. She is very active at centre days, very  eager to learn about God. She likes singing and leading others during devotion on centre days. Her mother separated with her father when she was very little and her father decided to leave her at her grandmother’s place and married another woman. She was born a muslim and later gave her life to Christ during our mentorship and discipleship days on Saturday. She loves studying but her father cant support her since he has another family to take care of and her grandmother is too old to work and raise her school fees and other needs. Rashidah dreams of becoming a doctor in future and favourite color is red just to be outstanding.

BIRTHDAY: 18/11/2006

Tricia as known most by her peers is in Senior 1, is a very humble and calm girl. She is a self appointed leader and cannot let things go a wrong way when she is around. She loves playing netball and reading. Her parents separated and she was left with her mother who is old and takes care of more 4 children. Patricia had finished her primary level of education and had spent a whole year before enrolling to the secondary level because they could not afford money to pay her school fees. Her mother washes clothes for students around Makerere University hostels and the little she gets there gets the family some food and pay a little of rent. Patricia wants to become a doctor in future.


BIRTHDAY: 31/07/2018
Don is currently Kindergarten 4 at Tendo Christian Academy after a years of not attending school yet he was of age. He is a handsome boy and called the darling of all children as by his friends at the project. Her mother lost her job during the lockdown, she was working as a cleaner, sweeping roads with the Kampala City Authority. She was laid off and not paid her dues. And that’s how the family crumbled to the extent that she cant manage paying for her children. Don is the only boy and brother to 2 girls. Don loves making everyone smile and dreams of becoming a policeman in future.

BIRTHDAY: 26/05/2015

She is a jolly girl. Blessing is a friendly girl and is a friend to all the fellows that attend the centre day. she is in Grade 1, Her mother lost her job during the lockdown, she was working as a cleaner, sweeping roads with the Kampala City Authority. She was laid off and not paid her dues. She then failed to pay for her children’s school fees and meeting the family needs. Blessing dreams of becoming a pilot in future.


KABUGHO CONFIDENCE, was on 15/09/2005.

Confidence as the name sounds she is so confident, leader and very clever girl. She is in Senior 3 and favourite subject is mathematics.  Confidence and her family of 6 people came to kampala running away from instabilities that had infested their community as they border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, and they settled in Kawaala one of the city suburbs. Her was a cook at a certain restaurant but lost his job during lockdown. Its thus that he couldn’t manage to raise the basic needs for the family. Confidence loves white as her fsvorite color and dreams of becoming an accountant in future.

LOGOSE SUMAYIYAH, was born on the 28/11/2012

Sumayiyah loves making fun, and being meek. She is the 3rd born of the 5 children. She lost all her parents and was left under the care of her elder brother. The elder brother had to drop out of the school at the time and started working in the garage to vend food for the rest of the family. We got to know sumayiyah on one our centre days and through our interactions with her, we discovered that she needed help and even resume school. She is now in P.5. She dreams of becoming a nurse and she loves green as her favourite color.


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