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Child Ministry

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Child Sponsorship

Through amazing global community of sponsors, we are dedicated to keeping vulnerable children from slums to schools with great confidence that children are the right agents of community transformation. The role of a sponsor goes way beyond a commitment to provide a financial support to a child but also to provide child mentorship where a sponsor builds a meaningful relationship with a child through letter writing and updates.

Child Mentorship

Soul Touch is committed to raising and nurturing Christian leaders through child mentorship where every Saturday we host children from different families and different slums both on sponsorship and non-sponsorship where we engage them in different activities and topics, currently we host over 200 children every Saturday. We use a Holistic approach to mentor children in four aspects of life (Spiritual, Physical, Cognitive and Socio-emotional).  Children have an opportunity to get mentors who will help them grow to what they want to become in future. Some of these children have no one from their families whom they look up to, so we create a platform where children meet their mentor be in ministry, in career, in general life so that our children are raised with a very focused and upright mind.